Welcome to the Information Website for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau v. Timemark Solutions Settlement.

If you paid a fee to Timemark Solutions, Inc. (“Timemark Solutions”) from January 2016 through October 2019, you may be entitled to a payment under the terms of a federal lawsuit.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, also known as the CFPB, is a government agency responsible for enforcing laws that protect consumers. CFPB sued Timemark Solutions and its owners for charging illegal advance fees in violation of the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) to consumers who were seeking to renegotiate, settle, reduce, or alter the terms of their loans. The TSR violations were also violations of the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA). Because you were a customer with Timemark Solutions, you are entitled to money from the legal settlement.

If you believe you are an eligible victim of Timemark Solutions and you did not already receive a check from the CFPB for this case, you have the option to file a claim online to receive a payment. You can also choose to email the worksheet and your scanned documentation to info@cfpb-Timemark.org, or you can mail it to us at:

CFPB v. Timemark Solutions, Inc.
Civil Penalty Fund Third-Party Administrator
P.O. Box 5447
Portland, OR 97228-5447

For more information on this lawsuit, please visit www.cfpb.gov/payments/Timemark. To learn more about CFPB and other CFPB related matters, please visit the CFPB’s website at www.consumerfinance.gov.